What Happens When You Close a University in Norway?

The decision to close down the campuses violates the university’s own promise in 2016 that they would be strengthened. Students and staff of Nord University in Norway are protesting against the decision of the university board to close down its campuses at Sandnessjøen and Nesna. The university has eight campuses in total, including the ones […]

What Budget 2019 Needs To Do To Boost India’s Flailing Higher Education Institutions

Mumbai: India is not investing adequately in its demographic dividend–the world’s largest–and its potential will slide further if the government’s last budget before general elections does not acknowledge this fact. India’s expenditure on higher education as a percentage of its total budget has remained largely stagnant, hovering around an average 1.47% over 12 years to 2018-19. […]

What to expect from AI in 2019

The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will eventually move from ‘narrow AI’ to ‘broad AI’. Simply put, machines now do narrow or specific tasks and they would, in the near future, graduate into doing broader tasks or those across many areas. IBM says, “Broad AI will be characterised by the ability to learn and reason […]