Edureka’s online courses help you strengthen your skill set for work – and you can save 30% on key courses

  • With the rapidly evolving job market, it’s important to develop new professional skills.
  • Professional development is not only an asset, but a necessity in getting and maintaining a competitive edge in the job market.
  • Edureka is an online-learning platform that teaches hard skills, like coding and data analytics, through interactive, live online classes. You can save 30% on courses for the New Year.

The job market is constantly evolving – that’s nothing new. Yet, the significant technological and scientific advancements of late have drastically changed the employment landscape, and continue to do so. What was modern a few years ago is now outdated and skills that were once highly-desired in the workplace may now be deemed irrelevant.

Continuing professional development not only gives you a competitive advantage, but may be necessary to achieve success in certain fields. A Pew Research Center study found that some 54% of employed adults believe that developing new skills through training and education is essential for keeping up with the ever-changing demands of the professional world.

Given the demand for continuous education, there is a huge market for online-learning platforms. There are plenty of different platforms to choose from, and all offer a myriad of courses and accommodate different budgets and learning styles. Edureka is another online-learning platform that stands out for it’s interactive, engaging teaching method.

Edureka is tailored to fit the needs of the professional workforce. On the site, you’ll find a few hundred courses – most of these courses are focused on technology, like data science and app development, but you can also find other categories like architecture and digital marketing.

Here’s how Edureka’s online classes work

Once you pick the course, you have to choose the batch of time slots you’d like to enroll in. Edureka’s courses are led by instructors online in real time, so it’s important to choose a time slot that works with your schedule. Each course comes with an in-depth description of the curriculum, the unique features, reviews, and a thorough FAQ section. Once a course is chosen, you’ll be matched with a learning manager – they’ll be your point-person for questions you might have throughout the duration of the course.

Edureka uses live screen-sharing, demonstrations, and a Q&A to help students engage with the material each session. If you miss the session, it’s okay – Edureka keeps all of the coursework and sessions in a learning repository that you can access at any time. You’ll be given homework assignments and an industry-related case study to exercise what you’ve been learning. Upon completion of the course, you’ll get a certification of your new skill set, as well as help on how to leverage this new skill on your resume and in interviews.

Edureka courses are more expensive than many other platforms, with prices starting around $200 – but its experienced instructors and interactive curriculum justify the price. Right now, for the New Year, all Edureka courses are currently up to 30% off.